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efore someone can even stand a chance to get a job, they have to get that all important interview. But how do they get that interview? Even with a personal recommendation from someone in that company, they'll stand a better chance if they have a well thought out and written resume. An employer's first impression of any applicant begins with the resume.

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As a professional resume writer, your job is to use your writing skills, combining dynamic phrases with well chosen fonts, colors and overall design to make a good first impression. Employers appreciate that the applicant has taken the time to produce his resume. While many websites can generate resumes online, everybody still needs help “positioning” themselves with employers. If you don’t have a background in human resources, experience as an employer or copywriter will convince clients to seek you out. Customers who really want to stand out with a trend-setting resume and cover letter will come to you for a package is both appealing and businesslike. Your resume service needs to reflect the trends of the future in order to survive, because the small typing service-variety resume service simply can't keep up with technological demands and self-promotional waves of the future.

To up your earning power in this service, you'll need to target executive and managerial level clients. Word of mouth is your biggest advertisement. Don't stop there. Consider putting your skills to writing and producing a how-to book that teaches the finer points of resume writing.

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