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Secretarial Service
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ecretaries are invaluable to professionals and management staff who are usually too busy to handle their routine tasks like typing, answering calls and filing. As a secretary, you are availing yourself to perform those tasks, so they will be free to do what they are trained to do.

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The day to day running of the office requires letters to be written, documents to be files, phones to be answered and a myriad of other administrative functions. If you are able to perform these duties with patient efficiency, then your client will appreciate you as the asset that you are. Many times, such secretarial services many only be required part time, or on certains days of the week. When your services are required, you will go in to the office. If you plan and budget ahead, you can make a decent living from temporary work. You will need to be available on last minute notice because administrative assistants often leave the company in a lurch.

Setting up a secretarial service center will require you to build a pool of temp workers like yourself. This way, you will always have a ready source of staff with different skills set, such as spreadsheet or bookkeeping. You may need to provide training in communication skills, but it's best if you screen your temps thoroughly before you hire them to make sure they're suitable. To make serious money, you'll have to secure contracts from companies to supply them with workers on a medium to long term basis.

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