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Sports Recruiter / Scout
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love for sports and a wide network of contacts in the world of sports and sports management will make you a likely person for this business. You'll need good communication skills as you will need to negotiate with clients and recruiting sports teams. Your responsibilities will include visiting schools, colleges and sporting events, looking for top athletes in the making. Then you'll approach these athletes and present them the opportunity of trying out for a college or professional career, walking them through the process of scholarships and playing for other teams or colleges that would be interested in their abilities.

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Your job as a Sports Agent would requires gathering facts about specific athletes and being the go-between to teams and colleges. It's pretty much like placing a Job Applicant with the correct company, the difference being you are operating in the sports industry. When you make a successful placement, you will make your money as part of their contract.

As you increase your knowledge about the schools that seems to have top athletes and your contacts in the sports industry expands, you will increase your potential for earnings as well. The 'stars' you discovered, or other athletes drawn to you by your reputation may even retain you as their manager. It's an industry that makes big money, if you know how to operate in it well.

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