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Environmental Consultant
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n many countries, before large scale development projects can get approval from the government, the developer is required by law to submit an Environmental Impact Report. This report details how the project will affect the wildlife and surrounding environment. Governments now realize the importance of maintaining the right balance for eco-systems to continue to thrive for our children and their children's benefit. Too many irresponsible companies have caused untold damage by ignoring issues such as indiscriminate sewage disposal, airborne pollutants and animal habitats.

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As an Environmental Consultant, you will carry out a detailed study of how a present or future development project or factory is impacting the environment. This study is especially important in the planning of new development because companies don't want to make million-dollar blunders. Your ability to draft and complete an effective report will be an important selling point for your skills.

This isn't a job for an indoor-type person. You'll need to be at the site and dealing with government agencies and municipal planners. You will be an active participant in meetings and planning sessions. Your objective assessment of the situation will help to balance the need for commercial development and preserving the environment. It's a heavy responsibility because million of dollars may be riding on what you report.

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