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Graffiti Removal Service
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n some cities, graffiti is recognized as a valid form of self expression. These cities have even designated specific walls to be used as graffiti walls. But for the most part, graffiti has become an uncontrollable nuisance, sending property values down and causing millions of dollars in damage. People and businesses are tired of these eyesores. Too many manpower hours and resources are needed to remove these unsightly graffiti.

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Armed with brushes, spray paint and paint removal solutions, your Graffiti Removal Service basically keeps a look out for business premises that have fallen prey to graffiti. All you need to do is approach the owner of the business and offer to remove the graffiti. Most businesses will be more than willing to pay someone else to clean up the mess. Some areas and companies seem more prone to being hit by graffiti so your services may be required more than once. You probably won't be a millionaire in this business, but at least you will earn some extra cash in your free time and you'd be doing the community a much needed service.

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