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ith every household discarding bottles, can, plastics and newspapers everyday, imagine the accumulated amount if you could collect all of these! More and more governments around the world are getting tough on recycling laws, requiring people to comply with proper disposal of recyclables. Most people realize the role recycling plays to keep our environment sustainable but just do not have the time to sort out their garbage and take it to the recycling centers themselves. This is where you come in.

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This is a business that you can operate from your home although you may need a fairly large compound or an unused garage. In many asian countries, there are trucks that travel through housing areas collecting old newspapers. People would sell their old newspapers to these "recycling agents" and they in turn will sell them to recycling centers for a profit. You have to think big for this business to be profitable. You may only get a few cents for every bottle, can or stack of newspapers, but when you add up your daily collection from a few hundred homes, it's going to be quite a tidy sum. Old cardboard boxes are a prized item and can fetch a higher price.

If you're able to set up an arrangement with your local business and offices to collect their recyclables, you will not have to worry too much about competitors and fluctuating collection. Many companies will simple be glad to get rid of old papers and recyclables than to have them clutter their nice, tidy offices. They may even offer them to you for nothing just as long as they "get rid" of the mess. This "mess" would be money to you! You probably won't get "filthy rich" in this business unless you are creative and collect anything that people don't want. It's then up to you how you make a profit from these items. Basically, you'll be providing a much needed service and in the process, help keep your community clean!

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