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Tree Doctor / Pruning Service
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herever there are trees, there will be potential hazards of branches falling and growing into telephone poles and wires, and collapsing trees which can cause injury and thousands of dollars in damage. If the trees are under the jurisdiction of the local municipality, then they will be responsible for the pruning and upkeep of these trees. But many times, these trees are within private property. That old mango tree that's been growing steadily over the years but now seems to be pushing into the side of your home. Those shady palms that once used to provide plenty of shade but have become a nesting place for hundreds or crows! That once sturdy oak that's now beginning to rot and it's branches falling with every rainstorms. It's trees like these that need a doctor - a Tree Doctor!

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Well, ok, you're not really a Tree Doctor as much as you are a Tree pruning specialist, but you will be providing a service that is crucial. You'll need to be someone who has a love for nature. And you MUST know your trees. You don't want to go chopping down someone's tree that holds so many memories just because you didn't know that it's been infected with a disease that's easily treatable. You'll know which branches need pruning and which ones to leave alone and when it's time to cut a tree down, you'll know how to do it safely, efficiently and without much fuss.

Smaller trees may just require a ladder but you may have to invest in a portable crane that can lift you or your team to those higher limbs. It's a business that has its hazards - bees and hornets nests being the most common - but you'll be providing a service that not many can. How you charge your client will depend on the nature of each job. Contract work would be a lucrative option if you can reach an agreement with holiday resorts and hotels that have lots of trees. They'll pay you for sure to keep their trees safe, rather than face a lawsuit from a guest who was hit on the head by a falling twig.

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