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Fish Restocking
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ho doesn't remember going for a fishing trip or walking by a lake feeding the fish? There's just something very calm and soothing about a lake teeming with life. If the lake is a popular angling spot though, the number of fish in the lake would quickly dwindle with every fish caught.

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Raising fish can be a very rewarding business. Streams, ponds, lages and water gardens constantly need to be restocked with fish. Starting a fish hatchery, you will raise fish by the thousands that will be shipped across the country. It isn't really a nice office desk job so if you don't like getting your hands wet and fish smell on you, then you'd best find something else. You will be someone who simply loves fish. You will be someone who continuosly learns about fish and what makes them thrive. You will control every aspect of their environment to make sure the fish are healthy (and happy).

For certain Asian countries, the Koi and Arowana are special breeds of fish that fetch very high prices. These fish are not bred for open lakes and ponds but mainly for private homes since they are reputed to bring its owner luck. Your initial investment in the fish will vary depending on the type of fish you choose to breed. But one thing is clear - given time and lots of hard work, you'll be "swimming" in money!

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