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Balloon Sculptor
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ids love them! Adults secretly love them too! It's a hobby that has slowly evolved into a full-blown art-form. For the uninitiated, balloon sculpting uses balloons and turning them into shapes like animals, plants, objects. The main tools are those 4-foot-long sausage-like balloons, a balloon pump, your fingers and lots and lots of patience and creativity.

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Most people start off sculpting balloons as a hobby. But this hobby can be addictive and as they become more skilled in twisting and manipulating the balloons into wonderful objects, it slowly becomes a great way to make money. The cost of a balloon is only a few cents but after a minute in the hands of a master sculptor, it becomes a dog, ready to be sold for anywhere from two to five bucks! Let's see now.... that's about a thousand percent profit? You get the picture now? You might have to take a couple of lessons and go through hundreds of balloons before you're skilled enough to do this as a business but it's worth it in the long run.

At the very basic, you won't even need a table to do business. You'll just need a bag to carry your balloons and pump, and off you go! You could station yourself at shopping malls or public places over the weekend and watch the thrilled faces of kids as you scuplt their masterpiece. If you're particularly skilled and you have a lot of contacts, you might even be paid to do your stuff at promotional events, concerts, exhibitions and functions to entertain the kids. It a really entertaining way to make a buck!

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