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Fashion Model
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omen envy them. Men... well they try hard not to look like they're noticing but they are. Fashion Models - those lanky, good looking gals (and guys) who walk with such elegance on the catwalk and whose pictures you see in the fashion magazines - make tons of money... if they're good. Many fashion models are "discovered" by talent scouts and talent agencies at usual hang-outs like the coffee bars, malls, supermarkets. Many make their way via beauty and talent contests. Yet there are those that are roped in by their friends who are models themselves. So you see, there are lots of ways to try to be a model... but alas... few actually do make it and even fewer make it to the elite club of super-models.

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This is a glamorous job, modelling designer clothes, jewelry and accessories, looking your best and having hundreds of photographers snap pictures of you. If you have the poise and the looks, and you love the jet-setting lifestyle, the hectic work schedule, then put on your stilletos and take to the catwalk! This is a business where your career life-span can be as short as a year, so many models make their money while they can. Models are very conscious of their looks and take extra good care of themselves. They eat healthily and exercise often to maintain their good looks. People only see the glamorous side of their job but don't realize that models are very disciplined and make many small sacrifices everyday like foregoing their favorite desert or burger just to look good for their next assignment. But when the money rolls in, they probably don't mind. After all, as they say... "if you got it, flaunt it!"

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