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Comedy Writer
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o you make people laugh? Do you have the knack of seeing the quirky side of things or do you find it easy to take a totally normal situation and make it so funny people are rolling on the floor in stiches? Well, then maybe you should try your hand at writing comedy material.

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Now wait! Don't quit your job just yet. Writing comedy material isn't quite the same as tv sitcom and movie writing. A comedy writer writes material that comedians use. You're the guy behind the scenes. The one who spends sleepless nights coming up with one-liners and rib-tickling stuff that other comedians get the credit for. Competition is so extreme in this business that even the good writers take years to be "discovered". You have to make your own luck. You have to network. You may have to shove your face in front of people who don't want to see you... if you believe you're a great writer.

Believe it or not, comedy writers usually have training in writing. Many have degrees in Literature. You could join your local theatre or production house for a start, and as you gain a reputation for writing, move your way towards writing comedy material for comedians and famous personalities. This is a business where success is ten percent talent, ten percent luck and the rest is persistence. You've got to be a wiz with words and "reading" people's personalities and situations. Don't worry about the unfunny amateurs... they'll eventually fade off into the sunset. You on the other hand, will one day make millions of people laugh and when that happens, you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

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