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Band Manager
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ave you got a good ear? Do you know what's in and what's out in the music scene? Do you know what kids will like? Are you hip and happenin' and can you talk the pants off anyone? Well then you might have what it takes to make money using your business savvy and ear for good music.

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Many bands make great music and are really a hit in the local club circuit but when it comes to marketing and distinguishing themselves above the rest, they have no idea where to start. It's your job first to convince the band that they need you. You've got to convince them that with your marketing savvy and network, you'll be able to get them the best gigs and work towards making them THE best band in town. You don't just pick any band to work with though. You can't market a band that you don't like personally or whose music you can't appreciate. Sure, being a Band Manager is about making music and money, but you've got to believe in what you're selling! The next thing is to meet with management of clubs and concert organizers to get your band quality gigs - the kind that draws tons of people and loads of cash. You'll want to get as many connections as you can, especially agents or managers or established bands to try and get them to agree to your band to open for their band.

It takes more than just good music to reach super stardom. It will take a lot of marketing savvy, business instincts, people handling and luck. Keep pluggin on' though and sooner or later, your boys will be successful and have some measure of fame, if not stardom. The more bands you have that are successful, the more singers and bands will start looking for you for your services instead of you looking for them. With every note that your band plays, you'll hear the beautiful sound of cash in your bank account!

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