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Commercial Actor
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lmost everyone daydreams at one point or another what it would be like to be a famous actor or actress. The fact is millions dream but only a few actually become famous. Whether you're aiming for a career in Broadway, movies or TV commercials, you need to have talent, perseverance and persistence if you hope to be successful or at least make a living.

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Every city in the world has acting hopefuls, waiting for their big break. Most work part-time jobs to pay the bills while keeping a lookout for that acting job that will rocket them to fame. Many will have their hopes dashed if their expectations are unrealistic.

There are many niche market where you could put your talents to good use. There are always smaller parts for older or chubby folk or those with your specific physical features. It's not about lowering your standards. It's about being realistic, making use of what you've got and working at your craft no matter what the part. Many people have fashioned themselves to be truly marketable commodities in their niche market. They may not enjoy the super-stardom fame they once dreamt of but the are truly successful in their own right. Acting is as much a business as it is an art.

You want to take as many diverse parts as you can, constantly working to improve yourself. Even if the part is a non-speaking part, you want to make yourself known, to be seen by people who just might be in a position to offer you your dream part. For most actors, their craft becomes part of their life and they do it for the love of it, although for the successful, the money makes it all very, very nice indeed!

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