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Mobile Disc Jockey
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hat's a party without music? Or a wedding or graduation or celebration? Everyone just loves to have a good time and boogie (pardon the archaic expression) the night away! You know there's something special going on in the mall when you hear lively music playing loudly!

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So you want to be the one who's making everyone groove to the beat? Are you someone who's in-tune with the music scene? Do you know every single top 100 tune by title and artiste? Can you mix beats and tunes into a banquet for the ears? Then YOU are the one who's going to do great as a Mobile Disc Jockey. As a Mobile Disc Jockey, you're gonna have to be comfortable with most genres from Rock to Hip-Hop. You'll be the one people depend on to keep the music groovin so you have to have the latest tunes in your armoury of CDs.

Like your title says, you're going to have to be "mobile". Sometimes you will secure contracts in places like malls or dance halls where they've got their own sound system. If that's the case, then all you need to bring is yourself and your music (plus all the small bit and pieces like your favorite mic and cables). There are times though, when your clients expect you to be EVERYTHING. That means you've got to bring your own decks, players, amps, speakers, horns, lights, strobes, switches and the whole gamut of gizmos that make you such a cool DJ. If you're starting out, you might want to rent the equipment, but it's best to consider investing and buying your own. That way you're always plugged in and ready to go! You're going to need a van unless you plan on bugging all your friends to drive your equipment to your gig. You want to be there hourse early to set-up and do your sound check.

This is a business you can run from home. You'll need an empty garage or a room to store your equipment. A real classy office isn't necessary coz you'll be doing your stuff outside of home. That's where your future clients will see you and possibly give you your next gig. A good DJ could be playing at four to five different locations over the weekend so you're going to have to be a good planner. The last thing you want is to show up at Mike's party and realize you've left your speakers at Kim's! But when you do build a reputation for keeping people groovin' on the dance floor, you'll be in action almost every night!

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