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Talent Scout
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any movie stars and singers tell of times when they were ordinary folk, doing ordinary jobs. Then their "big break" came when they were discovered by a Talent Scout. Their lives after that discovery, are as they say, "an open book". But just who are these "talent scouts" that go around the world looking for that perfect face, that sell-out album voice or that top-model look? They're people with an eye and ear for talent. They know talent when they see it, or they have a gut feeling that talent exists inside the people they come into contact with.

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As a Talent Scout, you will network with your local talent agencies. You will attend talent contest at shopping malls, you'll hang out at trendy places, you'll keep an eye out for school plays... looking for a "star in the making", that golden voice, that model look of the future... When you find the talent that you're looking for, you'll offer the opportunity to that person to meet up with your contacts.

With a growing number of talents being discovered by you, you could take the next step and set up office. As the owner of your own Talent Agency, you'll manage a stable of clients, helping them reach the heights of fame and fortune. You'll need to market your talents and negotiate with production houses and modelling agencies before you send them your "discovery". If you can lay claim to having the best model, best singer, best actor in the market, then you're going to be making BIG money.

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