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Cost Reduction Consultant
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t the end of the day, businesses are concerned about one thing - the bottom line. Obviously, without profits, there would'nt be any reason to do business. During good times, when business is booming, many companies find themselves more lenient with their expenses. However, when business gets scarce or competitors have begun to take a business' share of the market, companies start realizing the need to be prudent and find ways to save. Many times, because the companies people are so used to the way things are run in the company, they fail to see better, more cost effective methods of doing the same processes. These become habits that prove to be costly in the long run.

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On objective view of the cost saving measures taken by the company is needed from an independent party. This is where you come is as a Cost Reduction Consultant. You will be someone who has extensive knowledge of work processes both in the office as well as factories. Experience as a Quality Assurance Manager or ISO Specialist will help you look at the entire organization to find ways to cut costs.

You will be someone who's alert to his surroundings, with a sharp eye for detail. You will notice things that others missed, for example, why a certain grade of paper is used when a lesser quality one would suffice. A well known company once decided to get rid of 90% of their waste baskets. This had the effect of a drastic reduction in errors, which translated into higher profits. If you have that kind of a critical yet innovative mind, many companies will be turning to your to bring their companies back into profit.

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