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Credit / Debt Consultant
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hey're everywhere these days - sales persons who try to get to sign up for the latest credit card. While this may be good for the banks and financial insitutions that offer them, a large number of people - usually young adults - have gotten into a bind by overextending themselves with credit cards and other forms of consumer credit. The majority of credit card holders will tell you that it's all to easy to be tempted into buying things which they cannot afford simply because they can charge it to their credit cards.

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So what happens when these category of people can't manage their debt? They'll come to you as the Credit or Debt Consultant. You will be someone with a mature personality preferably with experience in financial or wealth management. Sadly, clients who come to you will already have found themselves in trouble with debt. Even though personal bankruptcies number in the millions each year, bank card companies continue to mail offers to people with poor credit histories or who already have multiple credit cards. You will need to be professional and firm, yet compassionate in helping them manage the situation and climb out of debt.

Your will need to negotiate with creditors to develop manageable payment plans for your clients. You will also need to teach your clients how to manage their money and expenses. Changing your client's mindset may be the most difficult part of your job but it needs to be done or they are likely to fall back into their bad habits. As payment you will receive a small percentage of what is owed, and creditors will also compensate you because you're helping to prevent defaults.

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