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Web Hosting - What To Look For
by Pallab Katoky

Web Hosting Options: Shared Hosting or Dedicated Server?

To decide whether you would opt for shared or dedicated servers could be one of the important decisions you'll ever make. To decide the best platform or hosting environment will be suited for your business, the following article will answer the same for you.

As the article goes on to explore the advantages and disadvantages, it also introduces the concepts of shared hosting and dedicated servers. These includes:

  • Price;
  • File storage allowances;
  • Bandwidth allotments;
  • Opportunity for custom software installations;
  • And the risks of sharing a server with other customers.

As a business owner, you need an Internet presence. After choosing and registering a domain name, your next step is to decide on a web host. Although a lot of options are available to you, but you need to make the first decision between shared hosting or dedicated hosting.

Since lower cost is directly proportional to shared hosting, the same is mostly the usual choice. A service provider could set up a new account for you on an existing server for as little as $5 a month in just a few minutes.

However, there are limits to what you can do. The bandwidth usage affects you and your usage affects them whenever you are sharing the server with many other customers. A website with heavy data base queries could bring everyone on that server to a standstill and the same goes for the processor time. Customized software installations will have little or no opportunity and the file storage limits will also be relatively low.

But many small businesses never feel that pinch. Their hosting needs are simple and few.

Internet Hosting Companies

When selecting a web hosting company, there are many issues that need to be addressed.

Before signing off with a website hosting company, you should be aware of the following summary of areas. The partnership based on honesty and quality service is equivalent to a successful web hosting company. Customer service is often overlooked, but problems arise more then we would like to admit.

Customer support

Does the company offer true 24/7 supports? You'll come across many cheap web hosting companies claiming to offer dedicated 24/7 customer service, but in reality it may take days to get a reply. Phone support through customer service is always a big plus as nothing could be better then being able to pick the phone and get in touch with someone who can help you with any problems you might come upon.

Low price/Contract length

Hosting package deal advertised by a web hosting company may advertise the price for a one or two year plan. I have personally come across a lot of these while looking for cheap web Hosting. Always make sure to check on the rates whenever the payments will be due. Before committing to a one year or two year contract is the last thing you want to do as you might find out after a month or two, that the service is slow or down a lot.

Unlimited bandwidt:

If a lot of traffic is being generated by your website, many companies will use this tactic to try to sell you as the same will end up costing the company. Many companies feel that most clients won't use a lot of bandwidth and therefore offer unlimited bandwidth since they average out across the entire client base.

Another selling point for some companies though we won't often see it, is the Unlimited Disk Space offer. Most web hosting company pays for disk space and if you are using a lot of disk space you may find it difficult to access your server or upload more files. Read the plan agreement and make sure they can't drop your account for high disk space usage, or find a different web Hosting company.

About This Learning Center Article
This article was written by Pallab Katoky.

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