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Search Engine Optimization - 7 Common Beginner Mistakes
by Alicia Harper

Here's 7 search engine optimization mistakes that beginners commonly make :

Search Engine Optimization Mistake #1-

Get as many links as you can from anywhere you can. Getting links from anywhere might be a good idea if you don't care about your Search Engine Ranking at all. Not all links are going to help you. For example if you have links coming for 3 or 4 link farms and a few reciprocal links, it will not look very good. This makes your incoming links look unnatural to the search engines. It is vital to have a natural looking incoming links.

Search Engine Optimization Mistake #2-

Having someone write your sales copy for your website, who isn't really excited about it or who doesn't really care, for example an employee, who has absolutely no marketing experience. The person who is writing your website copy should have advertising experience, SEO experince or marketing experience and if they don't at least find someone who is excited about the website, as they would automatically do a better job.

Search Engine Optimization Mistake #3-

Have every page on your website have the exact same title, description and keywords tag. Now I am sure that every page on your website does not have the same subject, it might be a variation of the topic. Be specific in the keywords, for each page and try to use only one keyword per page. When it comes to description, don't you find it annoying when you read a website description on a SERP ( search engine results page ) then when you go to the website it is totally something different than what you are looking for and what the description says? It drives me crazy! Also, your web page's description for some search engines is another place to include your keywords, so use it effectively.

Search Engine Optimization Mistake #4-

It is a HUGE mistake not to create a sitemap for your website. The sitemap is a great place where you can add some incoming link text to your pages, a place for search engines to make sure they reach every page on your website. So, if you don't have a sitemap, you should go and make one RIGHT NOW!

Search Engine Optimization Mistake #5 -

Using tiny text, repeated keywords, text that is the same color as the background or negative positioned text using CSS. Is a really sneaky way to do things. The basic rule is that if you don't want your visitors to see it don't put it on your website. Not only could it potentially get you banned from some of the major search engines, but it is an outdated tool that was used by SEO's a long time ago.

Search Engine Optimization Mistake #6-

If you are new to website design and search engine optimization then it is possible you might be all caught up in creating an extremely pretty site and a graphics heavy website. So, if you are not designing your website yourself what you need is a web design company that is knowledgeable in on-line marketing, search engine optimization as well as website design. The best way to go is to create a search engine friendly website right from the beginning because it is alot harder to make sure your website is search engine friendly when you already have 100 pages in your website.

Search Engine Optimization Mistake #7-

Copying pages from other websites is a huge no-no. Whether you are copying the entire text or just blocks of text. First, it is copyright infringement, yes everything on the web is copyrighted to someone. Once something is created it is automatically copyrighted, whether it be an image, a logo, and article, or just plain website text it is owned by someone. The truth of the fact is that search engines are getting smarter and smarter and they can tell if your website text is someone else's or if it is original content. Original content is always the best way to go. I am going to give you my personal tip about how to create your own original content. What I do to get my creative juices flowing is pick topic, for example website design and I search the Internet - after browsing a few web pages I write my own article or web page. Sometimes I also pick up a book or magazine just to get the ideas rolling. I then go into my office and site down with a blank piece of paper and start writing key points. After about 10 minutes I have so many ideas that I can't write them down fast enough.

About This Learning Center Article
Alicia Harper is professional website designer and internet marketing expert. Her company, Be Seen Web Design specializes in equine web design and creating search engine friendly websites. More information about Alicia and Be Seen Web Design a Vancouver Web Design Company can be found on her website.

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