Freelance Graphic Designer


Today world is a visual world. People are drawn to visual graphics every waking moment of their lives.The success or failure of businesses and products depends heavily on marketing and promotion that rely on graphics to attract. Add to that how quickly consumer tastes change, and you have a need for graphic designers to churn out artwork to feed the insatiable appetite of the world.

With the introduction of the personal computer and the easy availability of design software have turn allowed many people to learn the art of graphic design. Armed with a computer and software, today’s graphic designers are limited only by their creativity. Freelance graphic designers work for a wide variety of businesses, including book publishers, newspapers, consumer product manufacturers and even small startups, designing anything and everything from logos to letterheads and advertisements to training slides.

If you have a flair for art or a wizard with graphic design software and you’re able to quickly produce eye catching designs, then you might just be able to make money as a freelance graphic designer. There are multiple ways to market and promote your design skills – online as well as offline. Creating your own portfolio website is must. There are also websites that run artwork marketplaces that where you can sell your artwork. This is one way many artists find leads – they include their contact in their profile on these websites. If you prefer the old-fashioned way, then you could always look for businesses that need artwork done and contact them.

Expect competition – graphic designers are plentiful. You need to prove to prospective clients that you are talented and a wizard at producing attractive, cutting edge designs. Freelance website like have an abundance of projects that you could work on. Eventually, you could set up a studio and employ others to work with you. The amount of money that you get largely depends on the quality of your work and the ability to market yourself. Communication skills are an obvious asset if you intend to land projects from the “big boys” – large corporations.