Small Business Consultant


Starting a small business is the dream of many people. Yet, many of us don’t have the necessary training, knowledge or experience to turn those ideas into reality. Running a business is something you can only learn by doing. Some may be trying to make the transition from a SOHO (Small Office Home Office) to a full fledged office in a business premise.

The Small Business Consultant offers his knowledge and experience in setting up and running a business to his clients, acting as a mentor to the small business owner, guiding him every step of the way. The consultant helps them comply with local government regulations, set up the employee payroll system, the physical layout of the office or business premise, the accounting systems, the recruitment process and a myriad of details that make up a successful business.

The Small Business Consultant may also have to train his clients in the basic skills like how to use the computer and sending emails. Your home consulting business will also consist of helping those who are moving into the freelance world, and the small business through technical difficulties – or at least, point them in the right direction to find information. It’s a challenging role – being the difference between success and failure.

Most people don’t think they can be a consultant simply because of the word “Consultant”. However, if you have years of experience in Administration or if you are a retired manager or business owner, you probably would already have much of the skills and knowledge required. Sure, you will have to learn new things, new processes, new procedures and regulations, but you’ve done that most of your career anyway – why not learn as you go?