Word Processing / Transcription Service


Businesses, colleges, students and writers rely heavily on word processing to prepare their reports and manuscripts. Under normal circumstances, they may get along fine, but when deadlines loom nearer and the workload increases, they’ll be looking for quick fingers and skills and that’s you (if you have quick fingers and formatting text comes second nature to you).

Word processing these days however, doesn’t just mean typing. Other than the ability to type fast and accurately, you may need to know how to integrate graphics and be comfortable with using your client’s formal templates. You will be familiar – if not an expert – with the most common word processing and/or presentation software in the market. Your clients will likely need their assignments completed in specific software formats. You may also be required to present data and information in a reader-friendly format.

Transcription services often go hand-in-hand with your word processing skills. Your client may give you an audio recording of a speech, lecture or presentation and require you to transcribe it into words. This obviously requires a different level of skill (language and comprehension) so you will want to charge accordingly depending on the complexity and volume of work. Many people turn to freelance job websites to post their assignments. You could start off there and as you gain experience, you will gain a reputation and work should come in a more steady stream.

The internet allow you to do this job anywhere you’re located. All in all, it’s a great way to make money in your free time or while your kids are napping.