Car Wash / Polish


[dropcapT][/dropcap]here are going to be days when car owners just can’t fit in the time to wash their cars. If they live in apartment blocks, it’s even worse because they’ll need to queue up to use the usually limited car-washing facilities. Most of the time, they’ll send their cars to the car wash. It’s cheaper and more convenient in the long run.

With traffic, dusty roads and corrosive road salts, cars get dirty as soon as an hour after washing. Your car wash business will see increases especially during rainy spells since cars get muddy from sloppy roadways. Nobody loves the sight of their beautiful red car turned brown!

This isn’t a one-man-show business you can do on your own. You’ll need to invest in equipment and hiring workers. You do not have to go for large automated car wash machines unless you have the capital or are able to get a bank loan. More often than not, simple car wash setups require an empty lot so you don’t disturb nearby homes or businesses, simple pressure water sprayers and power polishers. The number of workers  you need largely depend on your business traffic. Part-timers are the way to go.

One of the most common complaints about car wash / polish services are damaged car parts. Make sure you have some sort of system where you go down a checklist with the customer before you start washing – taking note of scratches, dents, broken parts that are obvious. This is important so there’s no misunderstanding. Repeat business and profits comes with speed and detailed cleaning. This is one business where money just washes in!