Children’s Cooking Classes


You’ve heard of kids going to art classes, music classes and dance lessons but what about cooking class? Many people don’t think of it that way, but cooking is also a creative form of expression. Cooking lessons are a great way for kids to pick up a practical skill and also learn how to clean up after themselves.

Like teaching any other skill-based class, you will need to be a skilled cook yourself, with great communication skills and the most important ingredient of all – a love for kids. What you want to do is teach simple recipes like sandwiches and salads and quick activities like decorating cookies and muffins.

While it might require a bigger capital input, this might be a nice business to set up in a mall, where parents can leave their kids for an hour or so as they work on their culinary masterpiece with you. After they’ve completed their masterpiece, you could wrap it for them to show Mom and Dad. You might want to have “Family Day” where the whole family can participate and make their own tasty treats. To increase your range of courses, you could plan lessons for older kids and teenagers as well as adults.

If you don’t have the budget to open a store in a mall, you could always run it from your kitchen or garage – sort of like kids coming to your home for tuition. You’d need to make sure your kitchen or garage has space to accommodate the kids. Remember to also make sure your classroom is as child-safe as possible. This is a great part time money maker for stay-at-home moms, retired school teachers who love to cook and obviously grandmas who love kids.