Clown Entertainer


Don’t take it too hard if people say you’re acting like a clown! They could be giving you a money-making tip. Fact is, many clowns make a decent living making people happy. Other than the clowns in your office (bad joke…) clowns can be found entertaining people all over the place, from fairs to malls to concerts. There are clown schools in certain countries (really) that train people to be clowns for a living. There are also clowns who are trained to work with children in the paediatric ward in hospitals. Being a clown is serious work…(bad joke again)

If you’re someone who loves to make people smile and you especially love to work with children, then you’re going to be a great clown. Many clowns “trip” into this business by chance. They basically try out working part-time as a clown doing walkabouts in their local mall and it sort of gets into their blood and before you know it, they’re thinking about being a full-time clown!

You’ll need the basic tools to make it in this trade. That includes floppy size 30 something shoes, face paint, red rubber nose and colorful baggy pants. You’ll also need to come armed with specific skills that make you more entertaining and marketable like being able to do magic tricks and jokes. Slapstick is ok if your audience is older and not prone to sudden shocks that will make them cry! Most important in this business is to leave your worries behind your face paint and be happy. After all, your job is to make people happy. Kids are smart. They know when you’re faking it and no amount of face paint is going to hide it!

The good news is, when you become a successful clown, you’ll keep getting calls from clients. Then you might want to consider getting a couple of like-minded pals to join you in the act. That way, you’re increasing your exposure and earning power. Soon, you’ll be making good money just clowning around!