Voiceover Artist


You hear them over the radio and TV all the time. That sexy, seductive voice that tells you how good a product is. That deep tone that describes the action you’re watching in the documentary. That booming voice that announces the star of the show. These are the Voiceover Artists. They’re the voices behind the scenes – the voices that you recognize immediately when you hear them over commercials and radio or TV, but if the person stood in front of you, you wouldn’t know him from the next guy. Such is the nature of this business.

Voiceover Artists play a crucial role in today’s entertainment industry and media. They are chosen for the tonal quality of their voice or their unique way speaking. Whatever the case, many established Voiceover Artists make enough to live a comfortable life, knowing that they don’t have to look for work – work will look for them. Many corporations will request that particular voice when they make a corporate presentation, video or advertisement. They believe THAT voice can lend an air of authority or elegance to their image or product so they don’t mind paying the big fees that these Voiceover Artists command.

So how do you know if you have THAT voice? Well, for starters, do you notice that people sit up and listen when you speak? Do people compliment you on your voice? Are you the one who’s always asked to be the Master of Ceremony or to make announcements? If you are, then you could have that special voice that could potentially make you big bucks. Breaking into this business may not be that easy though. There are loads of talents who do voiceovers, among them local entertainers and celebrities. But if you can make a demo tape of youself speaking, then you could pass a copy to your local production houses and studios. If they’re interested in roping you into their pool of talents, they’ll call you. It may take a while before you land that plump job – that high profile ad that millions will be watching and listening to. For a start, you may be offered smaller parts in lower budget projects. Just do your best and take these jobs as your training platform. Eventually, building your portfolio and experience will pay off.

When people start noticing your voice, studios will start to move you up their preferred artist list and recommend you to more of their clients. This is a pretty flexible time job so you could always freelance on something else while you’re making your big bucks in this business. Your voiceover jobs can open lots of opportunities like being the host of a TV programme or high profile event. Keep working at it and take care of those vocal cords. Then you’ll be singing in money!