Concert Promoter


So… you just love music and you’d love to be mingling with your favorite Rock band, seemingly being just one of the guys? But wait! Are you comfortable working in a highly stressful business that can be fun yet risky? Are you someone who can handle a million things at the same time? Are you business savvy and do you know what it takes to sell concert tickets? Can you deal with the egos and temperaments of artists and their outlandish requests? You can? Then you could potentially makes tons of money as a Concert Promoter!

From Classical music to Heavy Metal, organizing a concert is basically the same. You’ll need to work with the artiste’s or band’s agent long before the actual date, making proposals on the venues, dates and times. Then you’ll negotiate the price. At the same time, you’ll need to negotiate with the management of your local venues, be it stadiums, halls or open fields.

Once you’ve got the artiste or band to agree to come, then you’ve got to advertise! You’ll want an media blitz in the papers, radio, TV (if your budget permits), banners, posters, flyers… the list goes on and on. Depending on how big a name is coming, you might want to organize huge promotional events to get people excited about the concert. Don’t underestimate the role advertising plays in promoting your event. Millions have been made or lost because of the preceding marketing and promotions.

You’ll want to make sure you put in the extra hours to make your concert dates a reality. Too many bad apples have given concert promoters a bad rap. If you prove that you’re someone who can make things happen, then the next time Aerosmith or Sting is thinking of doing a gig where you’re operating, they just might call you first! Can’t you just hear the thunderous beat of millions of dollars?