Holiday / After School Classes


In Asian countries, children are driven from day one to do their best in their studies. Parents will work hard to provide the very best education and opportunities to their children. This includes, tuition after school, music, dance or art classes. Believe it or not, in some countries, some children actually attend two schools, the regular one in the morning and vernacular (language) schools in the afternoon.

Having said that, it’s little wonder that during term breaks, kids are packed off to revision classes or “intensive” preparatory classes. This is especially so if these children happen to be in the major examination year. There is such big money to be made in “extra” classes these days that many teachers have left their full-time jobs to concentrate solely on this business.

Obviously the first thing you need is a love for teaching and kids. Experience as a teacher is a big plus because you will need to know the school curriculum. If you don’t have the necessary experience in a particular subject, you could always look for college students to work for you as a freelance teacher.

To make any serious money in this business, you will need space for classes. The interior look depends very much on your budget, but parents are more concerned with the reputation and results. You could find a niche in smaller classes or charging a premium for one-to-one classes, perhaps to up-market clients. Whatever the case, if you manage to tap into this lucrative industry, you’ll be making some nice money indeed.