Master Of Ceremonies / Emcee


Sometimes, they command the attention of hundreds of people, sometimes thousands. At their word, people will stand and sit, applaud and cheer. People will listen attentively to their every word. They’re Masters of Ceremony. Functions and events can run slick or fall into total chaos depending on how good and prepared the Master of Ceremony is.

A Master of Ceremony keeps the function running smoothly with his timely introductions and amusing anecdotes. People will be amazed at how he manages to smooth things over when mistakes are made. He will be able to ad-lib whenever it’s needed and still sound professional and dignified. He will perform damage control with amazing ease on-stage and people will not even know it’s happening!

To be a Master of Ceremony, you will first of all need to have a good, pleasant voice. You will have superb intonation and speak with ease. Being multi-lingual helps. You should ideally have public speaking experience and be comfortable in front of large audiences. You will also be meticulous when it comes to your appearance. You will know how to walk the fine line between professionalism and entertainment to keep your audience attentive.

Organizing commitees tend to be very selective when it comes to choosing the MC because they don’t want an amateur screwing up big time in front of the world and making them look bad. Most MCs will have a good grasp of protocol, especially when it comes to official functions. He must know how to address the VIPs and dignitaries. It’s especially important if there is royalty present. Now, do you see why a Master of Ceremony can command fat fees?