Relocation Service


Folks often have to relocate due to work requirements. Promotions to a new position in a company often entail having to relocate to a different city or state. It’s already a huge task if they have a comfortable time frame to make the necessary arrangements, but if they’re very busy people with a huge workload, relocating will be incredibly difficult. This is when they need to rely on a relocation service to help them move.

Do you have contact with a wide network of property owners or real estate agencies? Are you familiar with the paperwork involved in changing schools? Are you great at communicating about real estate, properties, schools and locations to live? Do you enjoy meeting and helping people? If this is you, then you’ll have a great money making opportunity as a relocation consultant. Using all your contacts and skills, you’ll help people make their relocation as stress-free as possible.

Your responsibilities will include locating a school within the vicinity of the home, making the necessary arrangement for enrolling the children at that school, and any other specific needs your client’s family may have for example arranging transportation to school for their kids, stocking up their pantry before they move in, getting movers and cleaners to clean the home before they move in. You’ll need to always be in contact with real estate associations and community help centers to find information through newsletters, magazines and emails. If you are involved in overseas relocation, then access to the Internet is crucial. You’ll want to be able to communicate with real estate agencies all over the world.

Multitasking is an absolute MUST to have and working irregular hours is part and parcel of the service. However, if you’re okay with these and you’re a people person, then this might just be a good money making opportunity for you!