Temporary Employment Agency


Many decades ago, the term “employment for life” was a common one. People would work with a company the duration of their working life. Today though, that term has been replaced with “right-sizing” and “down-sizing”. It’s the corporate equivalent of going on a diet! Companies do this to trim their costs. Like it or not, many people will experience the loss of their job due to cost saving at least once in their life. This is even more so for senior staff who are in the forties to fifties.

When companies downsize, they are really trimming the cost of maintaining permanent staff, turning instead to part-time staff or temps. This is a cost efficient way of getting things done because companies are not obligated to provide annual leave, sick leave or hospitalization, health and dental benefits. These companies still need the services of clerks, administrative assistants and receptionists – they just don’t want the additional costs that go along with permanent staff.

If you are someone who has a large network of acquaintances and contacts in companies, then you may be the right person to start a Temporary Employment Agency. Your job would be to supply contract, daily or hourly rated workers to companies.

Many workers enjoy temping because it offers flexibility in terms of hours and days off – time that they can use to freelance or work on their growing business. Matching the temps to your clients is not going to be an easy job though, if your pool of temps and clients number even in the tens. You’ll need to set up an online database with all the particulars of your temps and the job particulars of your client’s vacancy. Much of your time will be spent in screening applicants and to continually replenish your qualified workforce. This is a competitive business but if you can secure regular companies who rely on you to supply them with temps, then you’ll be making big money quite sooner than you think.