Translators / Technical Translators


Businesses these days have offices around the world. With multi-national corporations having a staff force that is spread internationally, they may find a need to translate their training material and business material into the native language of the country / countries they are operating in.

An example would be a company that needs to train their staff in Japan. They could send all their trainers to learn Japanese and post them there, but this would send their costs into outer space. The more cost effective way would be to translate their training or technical manuals into Japanese. That way, their cost is very much lowered.

If you have mastered multiple languages especially major world languages such as Spanish, German, French, Russian, Chinese or Japanese, then you are fortunate to be in an in-demand business. The advent of freelance websites and online job postings has caused a flood of under-qualified translators to enter the arena, but you will distinguish yourself from the amateurs with your proficiency, attention to nuance and your ability to impart intended meanings, not just literal translations. The responsibility is a great one though. What the staff learn very much depends on your ability to translate as accurately as possible, but as many translator will tell you, the rewards are an overload of assignments.

Technical translators often charge based on the complexity of the translation job and the quantity involved. Obviously knowledge and experience in the field concerned would allow you to charge higher – enough to keep you making money every month!