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The Basics Of Affiliate Programs by Jeffrey Wall
Affiliate programs have become the popular new way to attract potential clients. Not only are these programs becoming popular, but they can be extremely effective at bringing new traffic to businesses’ sites. However, despite the success they can bring, most affiliate programs are of little value ... continue reading


Affiliate Marketing 101 - It's All About Relationships by Glenn Beach
So you've found the perfect affiliate program, you've signed up and they gave you a website....now what? "They" say that "all you have to do" is drive traffic to your site...but you don't have a clue where to begin... Never fear, Affiliate 101 is here...here's a list of a few simple, free or inexpensive tasks you can accomplish today ... continue reading


4 Common Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make by Alden Smith
I am sure everyone has heard the pros and cons of affiliate marketing. On the one hand, you need no product to sale, the affiliate manager provides you with promotional tools, and sometimes even a website to promote. Likewise, when you market a product through an affiliate marketer, then the customer, along with his contact information, belongs to the affiliate manager, and you have no way to make contact and add the person to your mailing list ... continue reading


10 Sizzling Tips For Affiliates by Ken Hill
Here are 10 tips for affiliates : 1. Create an infopacked mini site. Build your mini site for a specific niche audience and then choose affiliate programs specifically for that niche audience. 2. Test and track your ads and promotions for your affiliate programs ... continue reading


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