Recycling Material Collection

With every household discarding bottles, can, plastics and newspapers everyday, imagine the accumulated amount if you could collect all of these! More and more governments around the world are getting tough on recycling laws, requiring people to comply with proper disposal of recyclables. Most people realize the role recycling plays to keep our environment sustainable but just do not have the time to sort out their garbage and take it to the recycling centers themselves. This is where you come in.

This is a business that you can operate from your home although you may need a fairly large compound or an unused garage. In many asian countries, there are trucks that travel through housing areas collecting old newspapers. People would sell their old newspapers to these “recycling agents” who then sell them to recycling centers for a profit. You have to think big for this business to be profitable. You may only get a few cents for every bottle, can or stack of newspapers, but when you add up your daily collection from a few hundred homes, it’s going to be quite a tidy sum. Old cardboard boxes are a prized item and can fetch a higher price.

You will usually pay a token sum for the material that you collect from household or businesses – usually less than what  you would sell to the recycling centers so that you make a profit. If you’re able to set up an arrangement with your local business and offices to collect their recyclables, you will not have to worry too much about competitors and fluctuating collection. Many companies will simply be glad to get rid of old papers and recyclables than to have them clutter their nice, tidy offices. They may even offer them to you for nothing just as long as they “get rid” of the mess. This “mess” would be money to you! You probably won’t get “filthy rich” in this business unless you are creative and collect anything that people don’t want. It’s then up to you how you make a profit from these items. Basically, you’ll be providing a much needed service and in the process, help keep your community clean!

Graffiti Removal Service

In some cities, graffiti is recognized as a valid form of self expression. These cities have even designated specific walls to be used as graffiti walls. But for the most part, graffiti has become an uncontrollable nuisance, sending property values down and causing millions of dollars in damage. People and businesses are tired of these eyesores. Too many manpower hours and resources are needed to remove these unsightly graffiti.

Armed with brushes, spray paint and paint removal solutions, your Graffiti Removal Service basically keeps a look out for business premises that have fallen prey to graffiti. All you need to do is approach the owner of the business and offer to remove the graffiti. Most businesses will be more than willing to pay someone else to clean up the mess. Some areas and companies seem more prone to being hit by graffiti so your services may be required more than once. You probably won’t be a millionaire in this business, but at least you will earn some extra cash in your free time and you’d be doing the community a much needed service.

Temporary Employment Agency

Many decades ago, the term “employment for life” was a common one. People would work with a company the duration of their working life. Today though, that term has been replaced with “right-sizing” and “down-sizing”. It’s the corporate equivalent of going on a diet! Companies do this to trim their costs. Like it or not, many people will experience the loss of their job due to cost saving at least once in their life. This is even more so for senior staff who are in the forties to fifties.

When companies downsize, they are really trimming the cost of maintaining permanent staff, turning instead to part-time staff or temps. This is a cost efficient way of getting things done because companies are not obligated to provide annual leave, sick leave or hospitalization, health and dental benefits. These companies still need the services of clerks, administrative assistants and receptionists – they just don’t want the additional costs that go along with permanent staff.

If you are someone who has a large network of acquaintances and contacts in companies, then you may be the right person to start a Temporary Employment Agency. Your job would be to supply contract, daily or hourly rated workers to companies.

Many workers enjoy temping because it offers flexibility in terms of hours and days off – time that they can use to freelance or work on their growing business. Matching the temps to your clients is not going to be an easy job though, if your pool of temps and clients number even in the tens. You’ll need to set up an online database with all the particulars of your temps and the job particulars of your client’s vacancy. Much of your time will be spent in screening applicants and to continually replenish your qualified workforce. This is a competitive business but if you can secure regular companies who rely on you to supply them with temps, then you’ll be making big money quite sooner than you think.

Resume Writing Service

Before someone can even stand a chance to get a job, they have to get that all important interview. But how do they get that interview? Even with a personal recommendation from someone in that company, they’ll stand a better chance if they have a well thought out and written resume. An employer’s first impression of any applicant begins with the resume.

As a professional resume writer, your job is to use your writing skills, combining dynamic phrases with well chosen fonts, colors and overall design to make a good first impression. Employers appreciate that the applicant has taken the time to produce his resume. While many websites can generate resumes online, everybody still needs help “positioning” themselves with employers. If you don’t have a background in human resources, experience as an employer or copywriter will convince clients to seek you out. Customers who really want to stand out with a trend-setting resume and cover letter will come to you for a package is both appealing and businesslike. Your resume service needs to reflect the trends of the future in order to survive, because the small typing service-variety resume service simply can’t keep up with technological demands and self-promotional waves of the future.

To up your earning power in this service, you’ll need to target executive and managerial level clients. Word of mouth is your biggest advertisement. Don’t stop there. Consider putting your skills to writing and producing a how-to book that teaches the finer points of resume writing.

Barefoot Books

Barefoot Books specilizes in carefully crafted books and gifts that combine beautiful artwork with captivating storytelling. Our book capture the imagination, spark curiosity and instill a respect for the diversity of our world.

  • Stories from around the world to open hearts and minds
  • Interactive books and products to promote learning and play
  • Song, animations, puzzles and games to bring the books to life

Do you love sharing products that make a difference? Are you passionate about building relationships? Can you set aside a few hours every week? You already have everything it takes to make this busines whatever you desire! Build your business in a way that fits your lifestyle, your family values and your interests. It’s flexible, rewarding, creative and fun.

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Jiff-e-Books Personalized Books

Want a great business of your own?Jiff-e-Books, a leading supplier in the personalized book market since 1987, specializes in user-friendly software and high quality book supplies for your successful personalized children’s book business. With Jiff-e-Books software, you can print full color personalized children’s books on blank paper, so you don’t have to inventory expensive preprinted pages for books that you may or may not sell.

Why a personalized book business? Almost everyone at one time or another has wanted to own their own business. Making and selling Jiff-e-Books personalized books is both fun and rewarding. You are providing an educational product that builds a child’s self-esteem and encourages a love of reading. Parents and children will tell you just how much they like and appreciate the books you make for them

For an investment of only $495, you can start your own business making money today. This low price includes license, software and materials for making 50 deluxe, hard cover books. For only $100 more for the PLUS Package, you will get our software for printing unlimited Santa Letters, Easter Letters, and customer brochures. Begin putting extra $$$ in your pocket with your first order. It’s easy and inexpensive to begin making money with Jiff-e-Books. The Jiff-e-Books software is easy to use and making the books is a snap.

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Lil Orbits Donut Machine

Lil Orbits mini-donut and pancake & crepe machines are proven money-makers, made in America and now operated profitably in over 100 countries around the globe. For more information on joining the Lil’ Orbits family of operators worldwide, click on the links above.

Fresh, Hot Mini-Donuts have always been a popular food item at carnivals, festivals, fairs and many other outdoor seasonal events. Our customers often tell us how much fun it is to hear their customers reminisce about eating mini-donuts when they were kids.

The Lil’ Orbits Uni-matic II pancake & crepe machine can help you add new, easy-to-prepare items to your current menu, and also improve product consistency. The Uni-Matic will cook anything you can cook on a griddle, without oil or grease.

In addition to seasonal, outdoor events, there are hundreds of other places where our popular automated equipment can be very profitable. Here are just a few examples of where a well-placed mini-donut or pancake & crepe machine can help you become your own boss or expand your current business: coffee shops, bakeries, mall kiosks, storefronts (indoor or outdoor), sports arenas, food courts, entertainment complexes, high school sports, fundraising and much much more!

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Disclaimer : is not affiliated in any way to this business opportunity or any business opportunity featured in this site, nor is the content appearing on this page an endorsement by us. You are advised to research and practice due diligence before making any investment in any business opportunity.

Relocation Service

Folks often have to relocate due to work requirements. Promotions to a new position in a company often entail having to relocate to a different city or state. It’s already a huge task if they have a comfortable time frame to make the necessary arrangements, but if they’re very busy people with a huge workload, relocating will be incredibly difficult. This is when they need to rely on a relocation service to help them move.

Do you have contact with a wide network of property owners or real estate agencies? Are you familiar with the paperwork involved in changing schools? Are you great at communicating about real estate, properties, schools and locations to live? Do you enjoy meeting and helping people? If this is you, then you’ll have a great money making opportunity as a relocation consultant. Using all your contacts and skills, you’ll help people make their relocation as stress-free as possible.

Your responsibilities will include locating a school within the vicinity of the home, making the necessary arrangement for enrolling the children at that school, and any other specific needs your client’s family may have for example arranging transportation to school for their kids, stocking up their pantry before they move in, getting movers and cleaners to clean the home before they move in. You’ll need to always be in contact with real estate associations and community help centers to find information through newsletters, magazines and emails. If you are involved in overseas relocation, then access to the Internet is crucial. You’ll want to be able to communicate with real estate agencies all over the world.

Multitasking is an absolute MUST to have and working irregular hours is part and parcel of the service. However, if you’re okay with these and you’re a people person, then this might just be a good money making opportunity for you!

Motivational Speaker

Most motivational speakers will tell you that when they were growing up, they never envisioned themselves in this field. Motivational speakers are not born – they are made. They begin their careers by giving short talks to small groups. As their reputation grows, they soon find themselves speaking to larger and larger groups of people. Eventually, their speaking assignments become too numerous that they need to be selective of the venues that the speak at. If the keep at it, they’ll grow to an international level with published books, audio and workshop products.

Motivational speakers are ordinary folk who have gone through the same problems that their audience have. The difference is that they didn’t let those problems overwhelm them – they overcame them. As they came out of those problems they formulated logical solutions which they translated into teachable lessons. Often, you’ll find that people expect you to live to a “higher standard” because as a trainer, you are supposed to live how you preach.

The biggest advantage you could have is if you are already considered a successful person in you chosen field. Plus, if you have a background in training or counselling, and you are comfortable speaking in front of people, then you could find this to be your calling. There are obviously courses that you can take to develop your speaking ability, but people will be more concerned with content rather than presentation. After all, people come to hear you to be motivated, not entertained.

Assembly / Production Workers

One of the main contributing factors to retailers and manufacturer’s profitability is manpower costs. To reduce manpower costs, companies have established factories in developing and third world countries where labour is cheap. Many companies though, have not reached that level. These businesses are usually small startups or cannot afford machines to automate their production tasks. One of the ways to lower their costs is to outsource non-critical tasks. Examples of these tasks are folding boxes from their pre-cut paper templates, assembling toys and artificial flowers, or fabricating small parts to be used in an end product.

This is a money-making business that you can carry out at home. This service usually doesn’t require special skills or knowledge – just the ability to understand simple instructions and obviously, deft and quick hands. You will approach factories or businesses that require manual assembly of parts or products. Once they agree to outsource the jobs to you, you will in turn pass these on to your workers. Workers for these types of jobs are plentiful. You could approach retirement homes, halfway houses or churches and ask if they’d like to give their residents the opportunity to earn some pocket money by doing your assembly work. Whether they come to your store or work in their homes is up to you. Rates can be negotiated on a piece-meal basis or project basis. Obviously if you have a wide network of such part-time workers, you can spread out the jobs to more people so you can fill your customers requirement quickly.

Taking assignments from several companies will keep you occupied year-round or if time is a factor for you, then you could limit yourself to specific brands. Depending on how large the assembly projects are, your requirements for space could be anywhere from a large kitchen table to your garage! If you have family members that can help out, your production rate obviously increases and so will your earnings.

Welcome To believes that everybody has the right to unlimited income or at least the option to have multiple streams of income.

All businesses and money making ventures begin with seeds called ideas. You could have a whole sack of seeds but if you don’t act, and you don’t plant them, water them and nurture them, then they stay just that – seeds. But imagine if you only had ONE seed and you planted that seed, watered it and took pains to make sure it grew healthy… From that one seed, you would eventually have a full grown tree with the potential to spread into a forest of trees. All it takes is for you to plant that one seed – that one idea – into your heart and mind, and nurture it. Trouble is, the ideas that come to us are usually a result of (and limited to) our own experience, so we all need a little help in that department. That’s where comes in… Our ideas begin below…

Foreign Workers Recruitment

As countries advanced economically, more job opportunities are created, allowing their citizens to make a better living at higher office (white collar) jobs. This also creates a void in the ‘lower paying’ workforce. Cheap skilled and unskilled labour then becomes increasingly needed. Some of the industries that require such workers are construction, agriculture, general cleaning and maid services.

Using your network of contacts in countries that have an abundance of these types of workers, you will bring in the required people to fill the local needs. In this business, you will need to comply with ALL government regulations pertaining to the recruitment of foreign labour. You do not want to unknowingly bring in workers who are underaged, without the proper documents or who have communicable diseases. Such mistakes, if they do occur put your reputation at risk and can be very difficult to undo.

On the other hand, when you gain a reputation for being able to source for any type of worker from any country without problems, employers will form a beeline to your door. You’ll see the real money start to roll in when you are able to negotiate long term contracts with large companies to supply them with workers.

Used Car Leasing

These days, everyone needs to have a car. In many countries, public transportation systems are simply not in any shape to get most people to work and back unless they live in big cities. In hot, sunny climates, its worse because waiting for public transport leaves you tired and sweaty. The problem is that car prices are rising at a much higher rate than income levels are. Sometimes the economy gets so bad that many people can not even afford to buy a new car. They still need transportation, but are not likely to have enough cash on hand to pay thousands of dollars for a used vehicle.

Leasing a car is like renting a car for a long term period of time. They still get to drive the cars, but they have a much lower monthly payment. Some people (especially in cities) even choose to lease than to own. In other words they get the right to purchase the used car at a lower price once the lease expires. If you can open up a shop there will be a large demand for your services. That means you have to go to used car lots and purchase dozens of cars. You’ll need to be able to shell out a good deal of money upfront. You’ll also need to rent or purchase a car lot big enough to show off all of your cars. To save money you may choose to purchase cars from government auctions or repossession sales. It may be a big investment, but you will be helping people out and can feel good about that!

Visit this link for more information about vehicle leasing.

Car Wash / Polish

[dropcapT][/dropcap]here are going to be days when car owners just can’t fit in the time to wash their cars. If they live in apartment blocks, it’s even worse because they’ll need to queue up to use the usually limited car-washing facilities. Most of the time, they’ll send their cars to car care by as it is cheaper and more convenient in the long run.

With traffic, dusty roads and corrosive road salts, cars get dirty as soon as an hour after washing. Your car wash business will see increases especially during rainy spells since cars get muddy from sloppy roadways. Nobody loves the sight of their beautiful red car turned brown!

This isn’t a one-man-show business you can do on your own. You’ll need to invest in equipment and hiring workers. You do not have to go for large automated car wash machines unless you have the capital or are able to get a bank loan. More often than not, simple car wash setups require an empty lot so you don’t disturb nearby homes or businesses, simple pressure water sprayers, power polishers and towing services from The number of workers  you need largely depend on your business traffic. Part-timers are the way to go.

One of the most common complaints about car wash / polish services are damaged car parts. Make sure you have some sort of system where you go down a checklist with the customer before you start washing – taking note of scratches, dents, broken parts that are obvious. This is important so there’s no misunderstanding. Repeat business and profits comes with speed and detailed cleaning. This is one business where money just washes in!

Vehicle / Parts Procurement Service

You love cars and anything that has an engine in it. Knowing the different car makes and models is second nature to you. When someone shows you a funny looking part from an engine, you don’t just know what it is, you’ll know the make and model of vehicle the part came from. Plus… you know where to locate any car model or part should the need arise. It’s a lot to ask, but if this describes you, then you are the perfect person to start a Car or Parts Procurement service.

For parts procurement, you’ll find your service is required mostly for aging cars, where the local garage or parts dealer doesn’t keep a ready supply. Using your resources and network, you will locate the required part quickly and have it sent to the mechanic. Speed is important. A customer who needs to wait for weeks for the part will most likely locate it on his own.

You’ll likely build up a stockpile of old car parts that you can store, ready for someone who needs one. Once you build a network of places where you can scavange/salvage old car part, you can also start to list these parts on eBay. With a big enough stock and reputation to go with it, you’ll soon have folk contacting you from all over the country looking for that part for their beloved car.

As a vehicle procurement specialist, you will need to have contacts globally. You’ll narrow down in an instant, the general location or manufacturer of the model needed. You’ll be familiar with all the transport and import procedures required if the vehicle is overseas. You’ll need to keep a database of antique cars and their owners. In this business, networking is crucial. You’ll gain a reputation (and loads of money) if you’re fast and resourceful.

Car Oil Change Repair Service

Most drivers these days regard their car as a means of getting from point A to point B. They’re so busy with the hectic schedules they hardly have time to learn the finer points of auto maintenance other than the basic oil change and such. While it was much easier to self-maintain cars 20 years ago, today’s computerized, feature-rich models require more specialized training.

If you’re a wizard with cars and their engines and you love the smell of oil on your hands(!) you’re probably the sort of person who would regard this business as a love affair rather than a job. As a freelance car service mechanic, it might be better to work from your garage because you don’t have to worry about little oil spills on your customers’ driveways. Focus on maintenance, and leave complicated computer diagnosis and repairs to the larger dealers like Two Fingers Automotive. That way, you’ll have a limited, oft-repeated set of procedures to follow while building a loyal customer base. If you provide superior service and convenient hours, you’ll earn lots of money and lots of repeat business…

While you may have a thorough knowledge of certain engine models, you will need to build up a knowledge bank of literally hundreds of models. They can visit an auto repair shop to know more about the different services they offer, when it comes to repairs, it is always best to leave it to an auto repair shop. This may mean on-going training or visits to your local library and book stores. Subscribing to auto magazines and websites will give you added information. Nice way to make extra money on the weekends and after work hours, especially if you’re a bonafide grease monkey.

Car Paint Touch-Up Service

Most people take very good care of their cars but even the most careful driver won’t be able to avoid those little bumps and knocks that cause dents and scratches. If you take pride in your car, you are going to find these minor flaws very annoying indeed.

If you have experience fixing those kinds of scratches and dents, you may just be the one your neighbours, family and friends look for to restore their car’s paint and bodywork. You don’t have to be a mechanic to be an Auto Paint Touch Up Professional. Since you don’t need expensive equipment and workshop to handle touch-up jobs, you will be able to offer your customers a low cost way to keeping their cars looking great and help maintain their resale value.

You will need to be very detailed and careful as an Auto Paint Touch Up Professional because any minor mistakes on you part will seem life a big deal to your customers. Just because you’re not charging your customers the regular market-rate per car doesn’t mean that they are going to expect anything less than perfection. You’re going to have to have a sharp eye for colors, making sure that your paint matches their car’s color exactly. This is the ideal job for the car-lover who wants to earn extra money, and in the process, help others who appreciate their car as much.

Private Tutor

Do you have specialized certifications in mathematics, chemistry, English or a foreign language? Or are you a student who could make straight As even while blind-folded? There is BIG money to be made as a full or part-time private tutor. It’s getting tougher to get into the college of your choice and many students struggle to make the grade.

The benefits of having a private tutor are obvious. You are able to give personal attention to your student, assessing his strengths and weaknesses, then develop lesson plans tailored to their needs. Patience is a must because you’ll need to work at the individual’s pace to ensure that they are truly learning. You’ll need loads of creativity to make your lessons interesting. Remember, students are depending on your guidance to help them reach their academic goals. You’ll have the satisfaction of helping younger minds fullfull their potential.

This business grows very fast if you’re a good tutor. Word of mouth from satisfied students may give you TOO much business. This is where you’ll need a network of friends and tutors. Sometimes, you may get a student who lives a distance from you. If you have a contact in your network who stays in the vicinity of the student, refer the student to him. You will need to come to a mutual agreement on referral fees. This sort of referral system will obviously work for you as well.

College Admissions Counselor

For most young students, the hardest part of the college admissions process was finding the right school. The population rise for college-going students has made it fiercely competitive when it comes to gaining entry to the college of your choice. There are simply too few places for too many applicants. This is more so for elite universities.

Although some high schools have respectable advising departments, many are just overwhelmed and understaffed. If you enjoy research and documentation, this business could prove to be the right money maker for you. As a College Admissions Counselor, you will engage in problem solving for prospective college students and their families, tackle emotional issues and access information needed to apply to colleges worldwide. Your involvement starts as early as helping to steer students during their high school days to the right academic, extracurricular and athletic choices that will substantially increase their chances of being admitted to the college(s) of their choice. You will help them work through the tons of paperwork to apply for admission as well as financial aid, and they make sure the forms are submitted on time. You also specialize in helping at-risk students, learning-disabled students and other nontraditional students achieve their highest potential.

Having years of experience in the education industry will help you significantly because you will need to know the ins and outs of college application. You will need to always be up-to-date with your information, especially for entrance tests and application procedures. Every successful applicant is a satisfied customer who will eventually feed your business with referrals. It’s a great way to help young people get into their dream college while making loads of money for yourself.

Kids Holiday Activity Camp

Kids look forward to the holidays, term breaks and extended weekends. However, NOT ALL parents look forward to them! Kids need lots of organized activities to channel their restless energy into something productive. Holiday Activity Camp is good way for parents to have some quiet time to themselves while their kids are away at such camps. Unlike Summer Camp, your Kids Holiday Activity Camp will be conducted over a few days or weekends. This way, you can plan a few such camps over the Summer or extended year-end holidays for parents (or kids) who prefer not to go to Summer Camp, but still want to have some fun.

Be sure to check with your local authorities for any approvals or legal requirements before you venture into this. Remember you will be taking care of kids so safety and health is critical.

You’ll need to plan a series of activities targetted at the children’s age group. These should include physically and mentally stimulating stuff. Parents are going to ask their children what they did at the end of the day! Parents will see such camps as a great way to boost their children’s confidence and help them be independent while socializing with new friends. You need to also consider what meals to serve and kiddie facilites (potties and diapers may be needed) depending on age-group.

Location is a crucial factor. If you live in a house with lots of space for kids to run around (eg… farm), then you will save lots of money. If you don’t then you may need to consider renting a hall. Contact your local community center or church. They may be looking for wholesome activities to promote and may just let you have the hall for a very fair price. Planning and advertising your Day Camp needs to be done much earlier so parents won’t already have plans for the holidays. If you own a kindergarten or day care center, then you have the perfect setup all ready for this money making venture.