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One of the reasons why running an online business is easier than a regular business is that there are literally hundreds of thousands of tools available. It's not possible to list ALL the wonderful resources available here, but we've selected common tools that every website owner might have a need for.

Webmasterworld.com Forums 
Webmasterworld.com is a forum site that covers practically every aspect of running a website. It's a well respected and competently moderated forum where peer-to-peer sharing results in faster and more effective learning. It you've got a question about your website or online business, chances are, there will be an answer at WebmasterWorld.com.
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DaniWeb.com Forums 
Another well respected forum site, DaniWeb is geared more towards the technical aspects of your online business - from software to development issues to hardware. They've also got a great selection of tutorials that cover just about any topic a new webmaster might want to learn.
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MoneyMakerGroup.com Forum 
If you're looking for ways to make money online, then this is the place to check out. There are some wonderful ideas here. Our 3-star rating is not due to MMG themselves, but because like any other open discussion site about making money online, there are opportunities that may need careful consideration. Still, this site is worth visiting simply for the ideas that might pop into your mind!
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Internet Fraud and Scams 
It's been said that over 90% of websites either exaggerate or falsely claim that you can make money online as easily as paying a fee and letting the system bring in the bucks. The Internet is the best place for savvy marketers to make money off of unsuspecting newbies who genuinely want to make money online. This is a good page to read before you consider forking out cash for any online opportunity.
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Credit Card Processing Reviews 
Whether your website is an informational site or one that sells a product, you need to have a way to receive payments. Finding the right payment gateway (credit card processor) is very important and any decision should be made only after reviewing the many credit card processing services available.
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XARA 3D Heading Generator Sample 
Very often, business owners only need a simple logo for their business. Xara 3D's heading generator sampler allows you to create impressive logos that you can use immediately for your business and products. It's a really simple, yet powerful tool that will surely cut your startup design costs.
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Cool Text : Logo and Graphics Generator 
Cool Text is another free graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you need an impressive logo without a lot of design work. You simply type in the text you require, then select the way you want your logo to look and Cool Text creates the logo for you. Excellent way to cut design costs for simple logos.
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