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Contrary to popular belief, working at home is NOT the easiest thing in the world! Juggling business and family commitments can often take a toll on work-at-home parents. It's a little known fact that parents who work at home actually put in longer hours in the "office" simply because they live "in" the office! While it's not always easy to draw the line between office and home, those who do commit themselves to make it work are usually end up with a very rewarding work-home-family situation.

WAHM.com - The Online Magazine for Work-at-home Moms 
If you're a work at home Mom (or Dad) you'll find WAHM.com to be an amazing source of information and work-at-home opportunities. They've got a really active forum that draws participation from all types of folks who are ready and willing to lend a helping hand (and ear) to work-ah-home-moms.
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Work From Home Forum 
This is a great forum for anyone who's interested in making extra money from home or looking for work-at-home opportunities. Lots of topics covered from newbie questions about online money making to real business help to recognizing scams and rip-offs.
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Stay-at-home Parents 
Quite a lot of resources for work-at-home parents - more specifically for the work-at-home Mom. Topics include finding work-at-home jobs and family oriented activities.
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