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How to start a T-Shirt Business by Darren Young
Selling T-Shirts has become big business and it’s a growing industry on the Internet where there are already thousands of shops and websites where you can purchase almost any design or T-Shirt style imaginable. Thanks to the many T-Shirt companies that now print and create the T-Shirts for you, with no risk involved, many people have been able to start their own T-Shirt business without having to invest any money ... continue reading


How to start a Freelance Web/Graphic Design Business by Andrew Shim
It's hard to imagine life without images. Images are used to convey messages, enhance life's dull facades and more importantly, images are used to sell products. It's amazing how advanced graphic design software have become, evolving from the simple shape and line utility to the complex 3D rendering, effects-heavy and mind-blowing manipulation tools of today ... continue reading


How To Start A Gift Basket Business by Andrew Shim
The gift basket industry is growing steadily, and according to statistics, is raking in an estimated $2.8 billion annually. In a survey conducted by a magazine covering gift baskets businesses, nearly 72 percent of the companies surveyed reported annual sales of at least $50,000 and over 30 percent said sales were at or over the $100,000 mark! Today, gift baskets have evolved to include every conceivable occasion - from ordinary house-warming gifts to pricey corporate PR and business relationship builders ... continue reading


Don't Get Mad, Get Rich! by Andrew Shim
Your boss is rude, arrogant and obnoxious. Your supervisor belittles you, takes all the credit for your hard work and is a brainless jerk. Your colleagues spend their time kissing up to the boss, slacking at their job and making you do the donkey's share of the work. There's not a single day that you wish you could give them a piece of your mind but you don't because you need your job ... continue reading


How To Start A Home Based Daily Catering Business by Andrew Shim
With most households being double income families, there is hardly enough time to cook tasty dishes let alone wholesome, nutritious meals. That's why there is a growing need for caterers who can serve healthy, home-cooked meals daily. Home based caterers provide more than just hot, delicious meals - they allow couples and families to escape the daily stress of shopping, cooking and cleaning and concentrate on quality time with one another ... continue reading


Work At Home Business With Kids - Mix With Care by Charles Fuchs
Many people begin a work at home business to spend time with the kids or to reduce day care costs. However, many people forget that having a work at home business takes work, and that kids can sometimes be a slight hindrance. That does not mean a work at home business cannot be a success if you have children at home, it just means that you need to make some adjustments ... continue reading


Making Time For Your Home Business And Your Family by Audrey Okaneko
I remember when I began my first business. There were just not enough hours in the day. And this was true for each of the 7 days of the week. My daughter was only 3 months old when I started that business. I was not working outside of the home. I was now looking at needing time to be a mom to my newborn daughter, be a daughter to my two wonderful parents, be a wife to my husband, take care of the household and now run a business ... continue reading


How Mothers In Home Business Should Manage Their Children And Family by Dyenira Management Group
Mothers at home who are interested in a home business cannot succeed if they do not know how to manage their family and children from interfering in their business. One way to succeed is to wait for your children to become adults. But how many years you are going to wait to run a business? By then everything would have gone in your life ... continue reading


From Homemaker To Entrepreneur : All It Takes Is Creativity, Determination And Motivation by Maria Romain
Are the high demands of family-life keeping you from going out into the workforce? Do you desire to stay home with your children, but want to earn a living as well? Are you creative, determined, and motivated? If you can answer “yes” to each of these questions, then you may able to relate to Michelle Anderson’s story about becoming a homemaker and an entrepreneur ... continue reading


Getting Your Family To Support Your Home Business Dream by Marsha Maung
It’s a difficult ride if you want to work from home and yet, the most important people in your life are against the work at home concept. It’s a dream to you but it can be a nightmare for people who care for you. The whole idea of not having a stable income makes them worry about you, so, don’t blame them ... continue reading


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