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Practise Good Manners In Business by Jo Ann Joy
Good Manner with customers : Good manners are more than being “nice,” and they should be part of your fundamental business strategy. Everyone who makes up the company must always use their best manners which includes behavior, attitude, and grooming. Remember that your customers are judging you and your employees from the first moment they enter your business, and first impressions last ... continue reading


How To Respond To Customer Complaints by Bill Lee
If you are in business, you will eventually offend a customer, or at least fail to meet the customer's expectations. Now that the damage is done, what is the most effective way to deal with the complaint and keep the customer? Step 1: Identify with the customer. Never take a customer complaint lightly ... continue reading


How To Deal With Difficult People by Stephen Hopson
Everyone has experienced a time when they had to deal with a difficult person. This is a form of adversity. Difficult people take different shapes whether they are argumentative, abusive, stubborn, angry, combative or a host of other negative emotions. The question is, how can we deal with them? In my view, angry people are screaming to be heard ... continue reading


Home Based Business Should Concetrate On Targetted Customer Service by Wycliffe Williams
Question? How many small home based business owners feel that they have to fight hard to keep their heads above water? The further on you read, you'll begin to understand that for the small home based business today, it’s not so important how hard you fight to stay afloat, as it is how smart you fight to stay afloat ... continue reading


Customer Service Or Customer Serve-Us? by Ken Wallace
Have you ever felt whenever you were in a place of business that the employees really didn't care whether you were there or not? I have even felt that I was being regarded as existing strictly for their benefit. Far too many times I have encountered service personnel that made no attempt to hide their annoyance at my questions and comments ... continue reading


Customer Service In Your Work At Home Business by Charles Fuchs
Customer service is not just an abstract concept that business professionals like to throw at you. It is a tried and true way for you to keep your customers returning. If you follow these 6 general rules, you can significantly improve customer service in your work at home business and keep those clients coming back for more ... continue reading


Customer Service In Your Home Based Business - It Can Make Or Break You by Charles Fuchs
Have you ever been shopping and the salesperson ignored you? How did it make you feel to receive such poor customer service? Most people would say that they would never return to the store. Poor customer service can cost you more than clients, but it can cost you money in your home based business ... continue reading


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