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Six Things To Consider Before You Lease Of Buy Business Property by Jo Ann Joy
Each business has its own unique needs and concerns when it shops for property to serve its business needs. Each business owner is concerned with whether to lease or buy, how much space is needed, what kind of property is needed, how much to pay for the purchase or lease, how to negotiate the best price, how to negotiate the best terms, and how to find the best location ... continue reading


There's More To Your Business Location Than Cost by
One of the basic concepts taught in almost every introductory marketing course is The Four P's: Price, Product, Promotion and Place. "Place" refers generally to distribution, i.e., where your customer evaluates and ultimately receives your product or service. While this may not matter much for people who work virtually, or who run a business that drop-ships from a third party, it's critical for restaurants, retailers, and even many service businesses ... continue reading


Make Your Business Succeed In A Location Where Others Have Failed by
Every neighborhood has one--a particular retail store or restaurant location that seems to consistently fail. One business after another moves in, each succumbing to the same bleak fate. The location itself seems doomed to fail. Can any business succeed there, or is the spot just jinxed? The Portland, Oregon, location of entrepreneur Allen Tackett's coffee-house could certainly be considered jinxed ... continue reading


Leasing Office Space by Daniel Roshard
Leasing office space is a chief concern for many businesses. Besides the influence of the cost of office space lease, there are several other vital factors. Some important factors that play a role in office space selection is satisfaction of the employees, output, limitations for growth and, very importantly, the corporate look ... continue reading


Choose Your Business Premise Wisely by Michael Russell
Owners of businesses, regardless of type, will need premises of some kind. It may be that they can work from home in a spare room or garage (some say the kitchen table!!). Others may need a shop, office, workshop or warehouse, but a decision will have to be made as to where to locate the business ... continue reading


Basic Things You Should Know About A Lease Purchase Constract by Amanda Shoemaker
Here are some things you should know about a lease purchase contract. What exactly is a contract? By definition, a contract is an agreement between two or more parties to do, or to refrain from doing, a particular thing in exchange for something valuable. The parties can be individuals, businesses, organizations and government agencies ... continue reading


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