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Your Ideal Customers - Do You Know Who They Are? by Andrea J. Stenberg
A few weeks ago my seven-year old son and his friend participated in a common summer-time rite of passage: the lemonade stand. They decorated their stand, made signs and posted them throughout the neighbourhood, drew chalk arrows on the sidewalk and got started. At the end of the day they had made $14, a pretty good total for a neighbourhood with little foot traffic ... continue reading


Small Business Marketing : Are You Planning To Fail? by Debbie LaChusa
There's a saying that goes "If you fail to plan, you're planning to fail." Are You Unintentially Planning to Fail? I realize no small business owner has the intention of failing, but that's just what many do every day when they launch their small business without a marketing plan ... continue reading


Marketing Is Not A Four Letter Word by Janet Beatrice
I used to believe marketing was antithetical to my personal values of honesty and integrity. Now I write marketing materials for a living. Did I sell out? No, I just realized my view of marketing was lopsided. You can hardly blame me. MacDonald’s heralds its fat-laden salads as healthy ... continue reading


How To Get Out Of A Marketing Slump by Debbie LaChusa
My 16-year-old daughter plays fast-pitch softball. It's her goal to earn a college scholarship and this is her year to market herself to colleges and make that dream happen. Unfortunately, she found herself in a batting slump over the past few months. Not exactly what you want when you've invited college recruiters to come see you play! We knew we had to do something so we hired a batting coach ... continue reading


How To Beat Your Biggest Competitor With Your Marketing by Charlie Cook
Martha, Financial Services, San Diego CA said "Everywhere I look I've got competitors, from the large companies to other independent financial advisors like myself. What can I do to beat the competition and get more clients?" In 500 B.C. Sun Tzu had the answer; "Know thyself, know thy enemy ... continue reading


Does Your Marketing Plan Fit? by Sandra Martini
Ask small business owners what they are afraid of most in their businesses and you typically get one of two responses: marketing and bookkeeping. We’re going to tackle just the marketing side today and leave bookkeeping for another day. It’s all too common for small business owners to avoid marketing their businesses until they “need” to ... continue reading


Eight Benefits Of Having A Marketing Plan by Debbie LaChusa
You have probably heard many marketing guru's tell you that you need to have a marketing plan. But why is having a marketing plan so important? In my 20 years of experience I've seen marketing plans help business owners easily avoid the common mistakes many marketers make ... continue reading


20 Marketing Ideas by Tino Buntic
Marketing could make or break a small business. Successful marketing is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the success of your small business. Here are 20 free marketing ideas:
  1. If your marketing offends someone it will probably be a success
  2. Get someone to tell a friend ... continue reading


7 Deadly Sins Of Marketing by Bette Daoust
When I started my first marketing job I was asked to prepare a flyer and have it delivered to all the homes and businesses in the area. The company would then track the response rate and see if this number matched the norm for this type of marketing campaign. However, they measured the success by the number of sales from the campaign rather than the number of responses ... continue reading


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