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Why You Need To Insure Your Home Business by TC Thorn
Do you work from home full-time or part-time? Chances are your homeowner's insurance doesn't cover your home business, or at least not to the extent you need it to. For one thing, insuring just the physical assets of your business (computer, home-office furniture, fax machine, etc.) doesn't encompass every aspect of your business ... continue reading


The Benefits To Hiring A Lawyer by lawyervista.com
Some people may assume that hiring a lawyer and working with a lawyer during a legal issue will be comparable to the client/attorney relationship portrayed on television. However, the reality is that the proceedings are often very different. While most television proceedings are highly charged and full of courtroom actions, your lawyer will probably doing more research, paper filing and phone work behind the scenes than actual courtroom litigation ... continue reading


Limit Your Liability To Protect Your Assets by J. Stephen Pope
If your business runs into serious difficulty, will it bring you down too? For example, what if one of your employees got involved in a serious car accident while working for you? Will the resulting lawsuit bankrupt you personally? Here are just a few ways of protecting yourself against catastrophic losses and lawsuits ... continue reading


Is Having A Business In Your Home Legal? by David C Skul
There are various laws you will need to consider before you start running a home business. Millions of businesses are operated illegally out of peoples homes, in violation of their local laws. This approach isn’t recommended. You should always try to do things legally, and consider moving if home businesses aren’t allowed where you live ... continue reading


Trademark Your Name - How To Register A Trademark For Your Business by Shannon Moore
So, you finally settled on the perfect name for your product or service – it describes the business without being overly descriptive, it tells your customers exactly what you want them to know and it's catchy. That's fantastic! Finding just the right name is vitally important to the success of any product line or service ... continue reading


Choosing The Best Lawyer For Your New Business by Jo Ann Joy
If you own a small business, it is important to choose the best lawyer to represent the interests of your small business. A strategic business lawyer can help you with your start-up and ongoing strategies, help you with critical business planning, review leases and contracts, and negotiate for you ... continue reading


Business Liability Insurance by i-businessinsurance.com
When was the last time you bought a faulty product? When was the last time received faulty and unfinished service by a business? Do you know of any cases where a company got sued because of faulty products and services? Those are a few questions that everyone can easily answer, because chances are it has happened to everyone at least once ... continue reading


Business Insurance - What You Need To Know by Vickie J Scanlon
Getting your business up and running is exciting, challenging and hard work. You’re finally making money – and you are the driving force that is making your business grow. But have you taken care of the “What ifs”. Like – “What if I get sick, how do I pay my bills” or “What if I have a fire, how do I keep my business running” ... continue reading


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