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Using Suggestive Selling To Increase Your Sales by Cathy Stucker
Suggestive selling is a powerful tool that can increase your revenues—and your bottom line—significantly. We are all used to the order taker at a fast food place asking if we want fries with our burgers, or if we would like to "Jumbo-Size" our orders, but suggestive selling can work in any business ... continue reading


Top Ten Secrets To Fully Embrace Sales And Exceed Your Goals by Janice M. Copeland
Here are 10 secrets to increase your sales :
    Not Company focused. Your clients are what is to be watched, monitored and known inside and out. Ask them questions about your service quality and listen by responding to their answers ...
    continue reading


Ten Rapport Selling Tips by Paul Archer
Dale Carnegie wrote “When dealing with people remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudice and motivated by pride and vanity” Selling in financial services has gone through enormous changes. In 1986 I vividly recall going for a job interview with an American life assurance company based in the UK ... continue reading


7 Sales Techniques That Differentiate You From Your Competitors by Jim Meisenheimer
You have a choice. You can stand out or blend in with your competitive landscape. Differentiation doesn't come naturally, blending in does. We all want to fit in with the crowd, we want to be like everybody else, and we've been that way since we were kids. As a professional sales representative you should focus on what makes you different because the similarities will take care of themselves ... continue reading


Seven Phrases You Can't Say In Sales by Doug Smart
Years ago, George Carlin listed seven words you can’t say on television. Then HBO came along, said all the words, and the world of television changed forever. Now, I know that even before you read the seven no-no phrases in sales, you might be tempted to think, oh, whatever these are they will eventually become acceptable, too ... continue reading


Four More Hypnotic Sales Techniques by Paul Archer
Here are four more hypnotic sales techiques : And and But Vicky Pollard is making the word “but” celebrated in comedy circles. Yeah, but, no, but yeah, but no…. Surprisingly the word but has enormous powers as it draws your attention ... continue reading


Four Hypnotic Sales Techniques by Paul Archer
Here are four hypnotic sales Techniques : What do we mean “Under the Radar”? Getting under the radar is a way of sneaking in through the back door without anyone noticing. The Stealth Fighter plane is famous for evading the enemy’s radar systems so it can drop its bombs with precision accuracy ... continue reading


Your Customers Don't Know How To Ask Good Questions - That's Your Job by Tom Richard
Customers will ask you a question and you’ll proceed to talk about your product. That is why you are not making more sales. It is your product knowledge that keeps getting in the way. Not that you do not have enough product knowledge – trust me you have plenty. It is that you are not listening to what your customer is truly asking you ... continue reading


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