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Don't Get Mad, Get Rich! by Andrew Shim
Your boss is rude, arrogant and obnoxious. Your supervisor belittles you, takes all the credit for your hard work and is a brainless jerk. Your colleagues spend their time kissing up to the boss, slacking at their job and making you do the donkey's share of the work. There's not a single day that you wish you could give them a piece of your mind but you don't because you need your job ... continue reading


Work At Home Business With Kids - Mix With Care by Charles Fuchs
Many people begin a work at home business to spend time with the kids or to reduce day care costs. However, many people forget that having a work at home business takes work, and that kids can sometimes be a slight hindrance. That does not mean a work at home business cannot be a success if you have children at home, it just means that you need to make some adjustments ... continue reading


Making Time For Your Home Business And Your Family by Audrey Okaneko
I remember when I began my first business. There were just not enough hours in the day. And this was true for each of the 7 days of the week. My daughter was only 3 months old when I started that business. I was not working outside of the home. I was now looking at needing time to be a mom to my newborn daughter, be a daughter to my two wonderful parents, be a wife to my husband, take care of the household and now run a business ... continue reading


How Mothers In Home Business Should Manage Their Children And Family by Dyenira Management Group
Mothers at home who are interested in a home business cannot succeed if they do not know how to manage their family and children from interfering in their business. One way to succeed is to wait for your children to become adults. But how many years you are going to wait to run a business? By then everything would have gone in your life ... continue reading


From Homemaker To Entrepreneur : All It Takes Is Creativity, Determination And Motivation by Maria Romain
Are the high demands of family-life keeping you from going out into the workforce? Do you desire to stay home with your children, but want to earn a living as well? Are you creative, determined, and motivated? If you can answer “yes” to each of these questions, then you may able to relate to Michelle Anderson’s story about becoming a homemaker and an entrepreneur ... continue reading


Getting Your Family To Support Your Home Business Dream by Marsha Maung
It’s a difficult ride if you want to work from home and yet, the most important people in your life are against the work at home concept. It’s a dream to you but it can be a nightmare for people who care for you. The whole idea of not having a stable income makes them worry about you, so, don’t blame them ... continue reading


Cool Money Making Ideas For The Summer by Andrew Shim
Okay, it's summer. Everyone's getting hot and bothered, but instead of sweating buckets and letting the heat get to you, why not make the summer sun work to your advantage? Here's a couple of cool money making ideas you could try. Sell and rent swimming pools
If the family can't go to the pool, why not bring the pool to the family? Go house to house with a catalogue of colorful kiddie pools and family sized portable pools ...
continue reading


Building Your Own Ladder To Success by Andrew Shim
The Dolly Parton song goes : Get up in the morning, Stumble to the kitchen, Pour myself a cup of ambition, Yawning, stretching, tryin' to come alive. Many of us go through that familiar grind in the morning. We head on down to the office and work till it's time to go home. By the time we're home, the kids are fast asleep ... continue reading


Zero To Hero - How A Simple Homemaker Became A Successful Entrepreneur by Andrew Shim
Chekan (pronounced Chek-Ahn) is a simple, wonderfully resourceful and positive lady who is one of the few friends who inspire me. This is simple account of how this stay-at-home Mom became an Entrepreneur who couldn't stop making money even if she tried! Like many women, Chekan had simple expectations in life ... continue reading


Are You Working Hard To Make Someone Else Rich? by Andrew Shim
Vic, Jacob and Kee - friends of mine - have something in common. They lost their jobs at different times over the last three years. All of them were highly qualified, hard-working, nice family men in senior positions. They gave their all to their respective companies and made sacrifices beyond the call of duty thinking they would be duly rewarded for their loyalty and hard work ... continue reading


How Pickled Veggie Saved This Family by Andrew Shim
When crises happen, you basically have two choices – give up and accept defeat or rise to the challenge. This is a story of one woman who stared back at the crisis she was facing, and triumphed. In the process, she became a home based business owner and saved her family ... continue reading


Four Ways To Start A Home Based Business by Andrew Shim
Since my wife and I started our home catering business, I’ve been encouraging (my friends call it nagging) everyone I know to start a home based business to escape the volatile cycle of full-time employment. Even as many of them faced the threat losing their jobs, they seemed reluctant to take that critical first step ... continue reading


Fire Your Boss Before He Fires You by Andrew Shim
These days, people tell me I’m a lucky man and that they envy me. My wife and I run a home catering business and I have a couple of websites that are making money. I get to work at home, have lunch and horse around with my kids every day and generally do what I please, when I please – I’m my own boss and in many ways already successful ... continue reading


Seven Scary Reasons Not To Start A Home Based Business by Andrew Shim
Thinking of starting a home based business can be a scary affair. After the thrill of getting that brilliant idea, it’s usually in that first battle with the mind that people lose and give up. Our minds are terribly good at looking at the down side of things ... continue reading


Home Based Business The Easy Way - Do What You Do Best by Andrew Shim
A few years ago, my wife and I were forced into a do-or-die decision. I was about to lose my job due to staff cuts and we had to get another income source quickly. We had three main skills we could rely on - web designing, teaching and cooking ... continue reading


Are People Scribbling On Your Dreams? by Andrew Shim
I recently took my kids to a movie titled "Shark Boy and Lava Girl". In the movie, a boy named Max dreamt of a planet where children could have endless fun. He called it Planet Drool. He recorded all his dreams in his dream journal. So real were Max's dreams that he actually dreamt the planet into existence until one day when the class bully, Linus stole his dream journal and scribbled all over its pages ... continue reading


Home-based Business - The Naked Truth by Andrew Shim
Everybody dreams about it - having a leisurely cup of coffee on a lazy morning, enjoying life as your home-based business continues to bring in the big bucks. Well… I hate to burst your bubble, but this home-based business thing is HARD WORK, so before you hang up your tie and high heels, here are a couple of good and bad things to expect ... continue reading


How Our Home Based Business Saved Us by Andrew Shim
If you had asked me two years before my wife and I began our home catering business whether I would consider being my own boss, I would have laughed out loud and scoffed at the idea. The company I worked for seemed to be doing well and I was recognized for the "creative genius" that I was ... continue reading


Your Home Business Can Be Anything You Want It To Be... by Larry Stepanowicz
A home business can be anything you make it, whatever you want it to be, whether you work at your computer or work outdoors. But before you get carried away, ask yourself this: "Do I really want a business at all?" Not long ago, I heard a representative from an online lead company, a company that generates leads for the Network Marketing industry, say that many of the people who come through their home business website are really looking for an online job ... continue reading


How to Ensure Long-term Business Success by Brett Krkosska
Have you ever ate an ice cream cone by starting at the cone and eating your way up? No, me neither. Odds are you'll end up with a huge mess and decide it just isn't worth the effort. Yet many potentially successful businesses are started in just such a manner ... continue reading


Self Assessment - aka: How to Survive Your First Year in Business by Brett Krkosska
Take a look inward and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses before going into business.
What's the best way to create a profitable business? A business you really love that makes the kind of money you really want? Planning, planning, and more planning ...
continue reading


Eleven Questions To Kickstart Your Dream by Keith Varnum
What's your dream? Want to give your vision a jumpstart? Write down your goals and use these questions to speed up delivery of your dream.
  1. What's your highest priority this lifetime?

    What's most important for you to experience, explore or embrace this time around? Until you answer this question, your life goals will be off purpose ...
    continue reading


How To Turn An Idea Into A Business by Brett Krkosska
Do you have an idea for a business? Perhaps the only idea you have is that you NEED an idea so you CAN start a business. Before turning any idea into a business, you must first have a plan to succeed. Behind every successful business you'll find at least one great idea ... continue reading


How To Work At Home As A Freelancer by Brett Krkosska
Freelancers are in high demand. There are literally thousands of jobs available for freelancers, and with a little know-how you can land a few of these jobs. A Freelancer, or Free Agent, is someone who works on a contract or freelance basis ... continue reading


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