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Project Outsourcing VS Temp Agency by Michele Graham
Outsourcing different projects that you may need help with in your business is much cheaper than hiring a temp to come in your office to complete the project. Temp Agencies charge you double on what an outsourced employee would charge. There are many qualified and over qualified folks, sitting at home needing some type of income or extra income, that would perform an excellent job for a lot less than a temp agency would charge you ... continue reading


Outsourcing And Virtual Assistants - Small Business Saviours by Wendy Maynard
There are many ways to fullfil your small business' staffing needs. Work smarter, not harder What is one of the best ways to work smarter without working harder? The answer is outsourcing. Whether you need occasional or ongoing assistance, outsourcing can save you money and time ... continue reading


Juggling Expansion And Hiring : When Is The Right Time To Increase Staff? by Heather Loftiss
A major problem that all small to medium sized growing businesses face lies in handling expansion and staffing. To get the most out of your staff, you want to hire at the ideal time – that exact time when you start ramping up and exceed normal capacity. Here, there is no wasted time or money on unnecessary staff ... continue reading


Eight Basic Office Staff Requirements by Jo Ann Joy
Your business is a success, and you cannot keep up with the work unless you hire at least two more employees. You have probably been very busy and focused on starting up and growing the business. You may not be ready to be your company’s human resource manager. The following are a few suggestions that can help you be prepared: All prospective employees must fill out an Employment Application that includes basic information such as name, address, phone number, social security number, citizenship, past job history, job titles, key responsibilities, salary history, reasons for leaving the previous positions, and education through high school, college, post graduate work, and any special schooling ... continue reading


If You're Looking For Dedication Hire The Disabled by Don Doman
People with disabilities are almost three times more likely to live in poverty than people without disabilities. The disabled with jobs has remained steady at 35% for roughly twenty years. Employers complain about employees who don't care about their jobs, and yet there is a vast resource of workers who are ready, willing, anxious, determined ... continue reading


Seven Secrets To Getting The Perfect Employee by Lorraine Pirihi
Attracting and retaining a high performing team is one of the biggest challenges many business owners face. There are a variety of reasons for this and one of the key factors is that the owner doesn't realise that there's much more involved in the process than just placing an ad and asking a few questions ... continue reading


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